Free bags, angry women and a lot of fun in the heart of Europe

Today was the European Union open day in Strasbourg. Today was a day in which a lot of people came to see the European Parliament and the Palace of the Council of Europe. There was a lot of everything. There were many interactive games, children, posters and brochures. Personally, I took out two pens, five posters, a bag and a dictionary. Each party declared itself through activists. European federalists, green leftists and the Le Pen faction explained why they are right.

I played a game that required knowledge of European languages. It was very cool. Also, I had time to look at the very construction of these buildings. For me, they are very ugly, but today architecture is not the same.

I really liked the atmosphere of the event. There was a lot of music that some strangers played, but it was instrumental, which very important.

Even if the weather was rainy, the day was a success. In the European Parliament a lot of things were associated with languages. Diversity.

I also liked it and I think I’ll go again.


Text by: Cătălin CREȚU

Photography by: Cătălin CREȚU for The Bunget

© Bunget Group

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