The Romanian Orthodox Church in the most popular spa town in Europe, the beauty of the northwestern border of Black Forest Mountains (Schwarzwald) and the town view


The Romanian Orthodox Chapel Holy Archangel Michael in Baden-Baden, known as Stourdza Chapel (Stourdza-Kapelle), was built between 1863 and 1866 in neoclassical style according to the plans of the architects Leo von Klenze and Georg von Dollmann. It stands on the Michaelsberg in Baden-Baden.

Its founder, Prince Michael Stourdza (Mihail Sturza), was the ruler of the Moldavian Principality from 1834 to 1848. After the revolution of 1848, he left the throne and home and traveled to Paris, where he settled in 1849 after a short stay in Vienna. In the summer, the family of the former Moldavian prince held in Baden-Baden in Germany, where they had a castle in the center of the village.

Mihail Sturdza, the ruler Prince of Moldavia (1834-1848)

On June 30, 1863, Stourdza’s son (from the second marriage) unexpectedly died. It was Prince Michael’s seventeen years old son who died in Paris, where he attended the Gymnasium of Napoleon Bonaparte. In his memory and as a family retreat, the parents had the funeral chapel erected by renowned artists.


The façade of the structure is inspired by the Greek churches, with classicist Greek columns and repeated ornaments.

The coat of arms of the Principality of Moldavia during Sturdza’s reign



Text by: Cătălin CREȚU

Photography: Cătălin CREȚU for The Bunget

© Bunget Group 2017


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