Kurfürstendamm: Berlin’s main avenue after the division of the city



Kurdamm in 1930s

As is known, according to the agreement of the Allies, not only the entire territory of Germany, but also the city of Berlin was divided into the occupation zones. As a result, after the proclamation of two new German states in 1949, the western sector was enclave with a special status. West Berlin was not officially part of the FRG, and until 1990, the supreme authority in the city was the tripartite military commandant’s office of the United States, Britain and France. At the same time, economically, West Berlin was still connected with Germany, where the West German brand operated.

In the division of Berlin, the whole historical part of the city turned out to be in the eastern sector, and West Berlin, despite its vast territory, turned out to be some faceless one. It seems that on all post-war postcards it is represented only by one kind of street Kurfürstendamm, abbreviated Kudamm. According to Wikipedia, this 3,5-km-long street starts at Bright Square and leads to Rathenauplatz. Kudamm is known as a popular place for walking, shopping and entertainment. The prototype of Kudamm was the Avenue des Champs-Elysées.

Kurfurstendamm was the front window of West Berlin and this is why I want to show the view of this avenue from different years.


The main architectural symbol of West Berlin (not counting the Reichstag) – The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Unlike other notable ruins of Berlin, which stayed ruined for decades because of the time and money, this destroyed church was decided to be left as it is in memory of the war. In the edification of the descendants.


By Berlin standards this street is quite young. On May 5, 1886 the first tramway way passed through the Kurfürstendamm. This day is considered the official date of birth of the Berlin boulevard.



Text by: Claudiu Cătălin CREȚU

© The Bunget 2017

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