Why a bicycle is the best city transport of all time? We explain!

The bicycle has to become priority personal transport for a city and cars have to leave the city center.

The convenience of the bicycle is always in doubt. Unfortunately, many people have become accustomed to the comfort of the car, the latter becoming an element that occupies an overrated place of importance in everyday life.

Janis Schmitt. Miss February 1978 (Playboy)

The car occupies too much space, and the cities where cars have many freedoms are uncomfortable for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport, and for drivers too. Yes, yes, the drivers are still suffering because of the large number of cars in the cities. Pedestrians and cyclists are not in the traffic jam as the car drivers do, who insistently demand to widen the road, but who unfortunately do not understand that the problem does not disappear anyway. Automobilists ask parking spots as close as possible to the house, shop, job or school. They want parking places right in the center of the city to make it more comfortable to drive in front of cafes, have a cup of coffee, and leave by car, not making any extra physical movements.

Bicycle is a practical, economical, comfortable and environmentally friendly transport. Bicycle is built to serve and does its job well.

So let’s see more specifically why the bicycle is the best transport for a city.

Does a cyclist need a license?

NO. The certificate must carry only the driver of the mechanical motor vehicle. A cyclist can easily take the bike and ride it relaxed.

Do I need to register a bicycle?

NO. Only it would be nice if you save a book with a serial number and warranty. It can be useful if the bike breaks down or is stolen. You need to remember that a bike is your property, lika a smartphone or a laptop, and if anything happens it is just your responsibility and you should be careful about it.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

NO. And even when driving on the roadway. If you know that your route runs including along the road, it is better to keep your head, but it is just a recommendation. Studies show that when wearing helmet the cyclist is more vulnerable while driving because of the car drivers who are more relaxed when they see a cyclist wearing a helmet and accidents are often.

Should I park my bycicle only on special parking lots ?

NO. Not in Europe. You can park your bike everywhere you want, the only thing being the fact that your bike should not create troubles for pedestrians, public transport, automobiles and other. In Japan bike parking isn’t free. Also, in cities like Rotterdam you must pay for parking in some places, because of agglomeration, but these cases are very rare.

Can I drive the bicycle drunk?

NO. You must remember that this is still a transport which can reach high speed and create an accident. Drive carefully! ☺️

Monica Bellucci. 1992

Also, when we talk about bicycles, we should consider the health benefits. It is a great activity for people who are obese. You get a good workout and improve your health.

The bike is more economical. Car use includes a high purchase price, expenses for fuel, tires, accessories, taxes, insurance, maintenance, car wash, parking, etc. A bicycle is cheaper.

From a psychological point of view, cycling improves mood more than a stationary bicycle does. In addition, cycling has an important influence on slowing the aging process and improving cognitive skills – memory, critical thinking, planning.

A poll conducted in Australia shows that transport represenr 15.5% of family expenses after eating (18.2%). In comparison, the cost of buying and maintaining a bicycle is around 1% of the cost of buying and maintaining a car. The Australians also learned that riding a bike every 10 kilometers to work each day would mean a $ 1,700 savings per year of transport money.

Cycling against pollution! Cycling uses fossil fuels in minimum quantities and is a kind of transport that does not pollute.

New York. 1980s

Text by Claudiu Cätälin CREȚU

© The Bunget Arts & Culture


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