The General Exhibition of Bessarabia from 1925

Neoromanian architecture and art déco at the General Exhibition and Sample Fair in Chișinău, 1925

During the interbellum, Romania was evolving in the architectural domaine, having a great number of skilled architects who would build palaces and social buildings, as the other European countries used to do. In the 1920s, the neoromanian and neobrîncovenian architectural styles were still quite popular in Romania, but thanks to the tight connections to France, the Romanian Kingdom had led to another path: the art déco architectural style. In 1925 in Paris the Decorative Arts Exhibition took place, which enriched the world with a well-defined architecture of the future, from both a stylistic and normative perspective. The French people brought this new style in Romania as well.

The General Exhibition and the Sample Fair were organized during the autumn of the year 1925 in Chișinău, Romanian Kingdom. The exhibition took place in the palace of the Country Council and in the regions close by, where there were several pavilions organized. In the pavilions there were 21 sections, each representing the traditional culture of the Bessarabian county and more.

The pavillion of the miners from Lupeni, Hunedoara county. An interesting building in the form of an early art déco style temple

The guests of this exhibition were representatives of France and Czechoslovakia. The French pavilion is an interesting building, maybe one of the first art déco buildings in Chișinău. The Cehoslovakian pavilion is a minimalist version of a medieval castle. The design of the pavilions is very interesting, as well as attention worthy, especially the French one. On the other hand, the Romanian pavilions were built almost entirely in the neoromanian style. 

I suggest you visit this exhibition through the colored pictures by The Bunget Arts & Culture. All of the buildings shown below were completely destroyed at the beginning of the 1960s.

Metallurgical Industry Pavilion

State Monopolies Pavilion

The pavilion of France built in art déco style

The pavilion of France

The pavilion of France

Mechanical mill ”Kogan” pavilion

The pavilion of Czechoslovakia

Text by Claudiu C. CREȚU

Photography source: Chișinău: Old pictures

© The Bunget Arts & Culture 2019

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