A cloudy day in Strasbourg

Earlier this day I was in Germany for shopping, but today is the Feast of Corpus Christi in Baden-Württemberg and all markets are closed, except for those who aren’t Christians. Anyway, I didn’t shop today so I got back to France by my bicycle, but because of works on roads I had to take the other way. This way wasn’t something new for me, but today Strasbourg has a great clouded sky who made me take some photos even the rain was going to start. I came back home through a neighbourhood full of new structures, modernist apartment blocks of 2010s, which I don’t really like, but today it looked different for me. I started from Port du Rhin neighborhood through Neudorf till Esplanade.

Former “Rhein – Fischer” Restaurant, today an apartment building in Port Du Rhin. I call it the “Watch on the Rhine”, because the anthem of the Second German Empire ( “Die Wach am Rhein”) and Alsace was a part of it from 1871 till 1918. I call it like that because it’s a lonely building the Rhine, near the bridge, and its German architecture is a reminder of that era and the anthem.


This is the first bridge on the Rhine to Germany, but we are going back to France, so the direction is Aristide Briand tram station.


The very cute tramway of Strasbourg is one of the elements that maintains my love for this amazing city. This one is the newest model, from the last year. Also, it was built by Alstom, which is one of the most important company in this are of technology, and it’s an Alsatian company.


I consider this building to be ugly, except the color, but the boat made the picture.


This neighborhood is new and is not very far from the city center. They are still building new structures. It is one of the three places in the city where you are allowed to build this kind of towers.


Text and photography by Claudiu C. CREȚU

© The Bunget Arts & Culture


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